Thursday, 30 July 2015

Easy Day For Lazy Bones

Today was an easy day. Woke up at nearly 10 with just 3 hours cruising ahead of us. We travelled from the River Dane aqueduct down to Hall Green. No locks, no bridges. Oh, and sunshine!
We got a little over excited seeing a sliver of blue sky. The side hatch was thrown open and the Candy washed washing, which was now able to be hung in the breeze and the sun, dried much quicker.
We have just eaten out, accompanied by Mr Jones, at the unremarkable (that is an understatement) Bleeding Wolf Hotel. Fish pie never looked or tasted like that before. We sat shivering in the conservatory by an open door. It is quite cool by now so we put the cork back in the wine, stuffed the bottle in Mr Jones blankie, came back to Princess Lucy and lit the fire. Shortly we' ll be opening windows and hatches, but for now it's fine.
Tomorrow we will start down the Cheshire locks The first 9 of them is the plan, as is to tackle Kidsgrove  Tescos to buy lunch for Leigh, Ali and Lucy's visit on Saturday.
We are now debating whether to open the chocolate mints. It's just a pretence though.

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