Monday, 1 February 2016

Black Swan and Green Kettle

We are getting used to being at Mercia and all that a 600 plus boat marina can offer. Mainly advantageous but, on a still night, the smog from hundreds of boat chimneys can be bronchially challenging.

Furness Vale - where we were until December - is small, picturesque and tranquil but it has no facilities.

Now on shore power for the first time in over 3 years, we have a lovely green electric kettle. Very sophisticated and many times quicker than our vintage French stove top. That vital mug of morning tea is soon ready.

The Marina has a nice wine bar, great cafe and a few expensive shops selling such things as Radley handbags and other labelled  fashionable nonsense. 

However, walk away from the Boardwalk and you are soon in a wildlife haven. There are many species of waterfowl including a black swan who knocks spots off Natalie Portman in the film of the same name.

We are unsure how unusual or rare a black swan is. But it seemed worth  juggling a camera phone whilst trying to calm a restless Mr Jones. He has had a few snipes from these aggressive birds and is rightly fearful.

Just wondering whether those lads we saw with a can of matt black spray paint had anything to do with it.