Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Great Uncle Receives Very Important Visitors

Some visitors to Princess Lucy are very special indeed. Some time ago, the captain received a polite request from James and Harriett White, great nephew and great niece, to visit the boat. A day was arranged right at the fag-end of the summer holidays. Oh how the Captain worried about these V.I.P. twins and whether everything would be ship shape for their arrival. The itinerary was planned, a short cruise to the historic Bugsworth Basin and preparations for the twins were made. Up to the last minute, the Captain paced the floor, racked by persistent doubts: would they be bored? Would they be underwhelmed by this little boat? Would the Peak Forest Canal hold enough to entertain such important little ones?

Well, as it happened the sun shone and the twins were an absolute joy to have aboard. James even managed to steer the boat - without being able to see over the top of her. Quite a feat. They found peeping the horn and feeding the ducks a right laugh.

They marvelled at everything including the labyrinthine basin at Bugsworth.

Such is the joy of being a child. Everything is potentially fascinating when you are open to new adventures. They, or possibly their mum, Shelley, brought a picnic and they were absolutely no trouble at all. In fact they were the opposite. They proved to be a 'great' niece and nephew in every sense of the word. A complete success, and of course this was much to the relief of their GREAT Uncle!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Captain for a very pleasant trip - and such a great adventure for Harriett and James. Daddy had to hear about everything in minute detail and was SO jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you uncul stoo.
love from harriett xxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I likdt the dog bowul. james xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you to the captain and Princess Lucy for a fantastic day on the water. James was obviously highly impressed with the dog bowl?! Strange child! See you soon. Shell xx