Sunday, 21 September 2014

Fridge Monsters and Old Movies

The last few days of our holiday were happy and peaceful. We became accustomed to the strange noises from our Shoreline 12 volt fridge which seemed to keep switching off for a couple of seconds and then coming on again (any thoughts on this would be gratefully received.) Anyway, it muddled on and kept the wine cool - just. Captain also discovered partway through the fortnight that the PRM gearbox changes gear more reliably if it has oil in it! (no comments needed on this one.)

The Bosley flight on Thursday afternoon was wonderfully sunny and passed smoothly. 2 hours for 12 locks in a mile seemed like a  reasonable result. Especially as we waited for one hire boater who closed both bottom paddles before he tried to open the gates! I suppose it might work - if you are quick.

We then had an easy Friday moored up all alone at Oakgrove. We waited the arrival of our visitors. Then had a short cruise on the only dull day of the holiday to Sutton Hall with the Captain's sister Chrissie and her husband Chris,  We were in good spirits and cheered ourselves with cake and Bucks Fizz.  Sutton Hall was as delightful as ever, and we were attracted by their New Year's Eve party where it suggests we book "Carriages for 1 am."

By Saturday night we were enjoying a very good curry at Marple Spice, but not before we trawled the charity shops for any old films on DVD. This followed on from our thorough enjoyment in watching Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember (1957),  We found a copy of an adaptation of Virginia Woolf's Mrs Dalloway starring Vanessa Redgrave, a 1938 version of Pygmalion scripted by George Bernard Shaw himself and couldn't resist The French Lieutenant's Woman - one of our favourite films. As they were all originally given as freebies with The Daily Mail, we just made a donation.

We trundled onto our mooring at Furness Vale early Sunday afternoon and said goodbye to Princess Lucy for a while. We hope to manage one night aboard in October before she has a galley refit which will take her out of action for a while.


************** Brian and Diana on NB Harnser******** Maps by said...

Low battery voltage at the fridge so that it doesn't get away properly first time. Could be low battery volts or poor connection somewhere. Does it work OK with the engine running so the volts are higher?

Jemma said...

Thanks. Input voltage is OK, and I know from my ex-batteries - that had more or less given up - that the fridge (an old Shoreline) flashes its LED when the voltage drops too low. I have now downloaded every diagram and field notes and so on that I can find, so I will venture behind with my meter soon.