Monday, 27 July 2015

Who has been sleeping in my bed?

Our trip to Chester has now begun, although we started by cruising in the wrong direction.
This was so that we could spend two nights in Bugsworth Basin to celebrate Sarah's birthday (this is Sarah of Sarah & Jim and their boat Chertsey.)
It was also an opportunity to catch up with our ex-rescue, Rocky the greyhound, who last September we re-homed with Jim.
This might be a good point to explain about all the dogs in this story.
Our first boat dog was wise old Jemma, who started this blog. She passed away in March 2014. The September before that, we had rescued Rocky, but he proved to be too fond of chasing sheep, and we live in the Peak Disrict where they are everywhere.
After twelve months of dodging the farmer's gun, we rehomed Rocky with Jim in Newhaven. We missed Rocky and Jemma terribly. So in February this year, having been without a dog far too long we rescued Jonesy. He is a terrier, who is settling in,  finding his paws, and being unpredictable.
So, Jonesy and Rocky had never met, but it all went fairly well - to start with.
Now trying to explain to Jonesy that his boat (Princess Lucy) was once Rocky's boat, didn't really work, and poor Jonesy must have been horrified when Rocky just curled up in Jonesy's bed. Having them both on our boat was perhaps a step too far?
The second night though, following a tiring run around Bugsworth Basin, (the dogs that is, not us) we tried again, and this time they relaxed a little more and slept on the sofa.
This morning, in pouring rain, Princess Lucy set off in the right direction. As we passed through Marple, the rain eased and we tied up in countryside at High Lane shortly after.
4 hours cruising , filled up with water, pumped out, food shopping. All partied out and knackered.

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