Friday, 17 November 2017

For Completeness

So did we cruise the 3 hours or so we planned last weekend, or did laziness win the battle? As I am not a fan of the 'time-wasting' jokes or ridiculously long gaps before the winner is announced I will come straight to the point .... and the winner was ..... Laziness.

We had booked a table at the Cotton Arms in Wrenbury, but we didn't cancel it. Instead we tackled the 9 minute drive in the car which was much simpler than all those locks and lift bridges. The boat stayed in the marina and had a lovely lazy weekend and the fire never went out.

We are saving our energies for the Christmas Chester trip where we have little room for flexibility, and will be cruising on our planned dates - whatever the weather. We also need CRT to put the Hurleston locks back together - preferably a day early! If not we will be doing a couple of very long (long for us that is) days to get to Chester.

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