Friday, 26 April 2013

Uses for a Lifebuoy

When we bought Lucy Belle, it came with a Lifebuoy (or is it a life ring?) tied on the roof just behind the tunnel light. "What use is it there," I was asked, "I mean, how would I get to it if I needed it?" This was a good question. Perhaps it was tied there as it was considered of little use, but then again, maybe the same person thought they ought to keep it? I don't know,

Now being a little short of space on our 45 foot boat, we are always delighted when we find a dual use for something. Now we haven't made a lot of progress in putting this thinking into practice, but we have used wine and coal as ballast, and we do have an idea for a bathroom door that also doubles up as a corridor door (although this idea is very much at the folded beer mat stage.)

So the Lifebuoy was moved to sit on top of the main door hatch. This means that in the event that we need to deploy it - we can actually reach it.

But more importantly it has become a safe and secure place from which items cannot fall into the cut. It has been use for sandwiches, buns, tea, coffee, phones, books, keys, gloves, hats ... just about anything really.

And here is a photograph taken last weekend when we briefly sat out under the stars. The lifebuoy was again used to keep our valuables safe and secure.

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Anonymous said...

It is really good that you are continuing to post, muchly enjoyable. It is a life ring and it is bloody dangerous should you deploy it as it could easily knock the recipient out! just use it as you are and if anyone fall overboard just ask them to stand up and walk to the edge :)