Friday, 31 July 2015

The Answer is Blowin in the Wind

This is the first time we have attempted to go away for longer than two weeks. Our trip should last a month. We are reasonably organised and self sufficient but must face the problem of what to do about laundry. As a liveaboard confirmed, the issue isn't the washing, it's the drying.
Well today, we had the chance to put our eco-powered clothes dryer to the test. Using only sun and wind and some rigging in the side hatch, the washing dried. But then people have used this method forever. It's just arranging things on a small boat that presents the challenge. It worked well and dried a Candy load.
The only snag was, that we dare not leave the hatch open in deep locks with ancient walls that often leak. And as we did 13 locks today, the drying time was limited.
We are now tied up at Rode Heath ready to meet Leigh , Ali, and Lucy tomorrow. It's been a sunny day, we are pleasantly knackered and have had a good dinner aboard. The big dilemma of this evening is whether to try a night without wine. Surely there must be laws forbidding such nonsense? As the sun sets over the canalside reed beds and the moorhens cease their headstands, it seems wrong.
Something else that is wrong is that we have inadvertently tied up opposite a winding hole which is the canal equivalent of parking on a slip road. Captain has ventured out to see if we can move Princess Lucy to a more agreeable spot. It's almost dark and we are now moving backwards but for how long?
*Captain's note.
(1) Tied up nicely now opposite the Broughton Arms.
(2) When side hatch is open - also beware of CaRT strimmer men!
(3) Wine is poured. (I checked the rule book)


Unknown said...

Hello Jemma -

Love your blog. Just found it. I run my own blog too. Would you like to follow it?

Guide Dog Oakley.

Jemma said...

Hi Oakley, We will link up to blog as soon as we are on a decent internet signal. It might be a week or 2 yet.