Saturday, 19 December 2015

Captain's Cocktail Party

It's the Captain's birthday and rather generously, friends, Karen and Paul, arrived in Etruria last night laden with gifts. This included a bottle of champagne. Well it would be rude not to.
We had a walk round Etruria this morning and then set off down the Stoke flight. We stayed dry and yet again there wasn't another moving boat. So it was all very laid back. It was a pleasure to happen on the legend that is 'Rob the Lock'. He wasn't able to assist is on this occasion because he was off, in his Santa hat, to do Christmas shopping. Good to see his friendly face none the less.
Right, we now have a mad scramble to get into our cocktail dresses for this evening's celebrations. Chrissie and Chris will be joining us for dinner at The Plume of Feathers in Barlaston. We just happen to be moored right outside. Perfect.


Warrior said...

following your journey, happy birthday to the captain. You have been extremely lucky with weather up to now, hope it continues. We thought you were mad, but in retrospect we are jealous!
Adrian and Linda, Warrior Crew.

oldmonsty said...

Adrian beat me to it!! but very ditto. I hope the 'southern' weather and the fun and frolics continue to delight

Jim and Rocky