Thursday, 22 December 2016

On the Move

Today is Thursday 22nd, as far as we know, and that means we left Kings Orchard Marina a day ahead of schedule. After a top up of diesel, and a bag of coal, we were cruising out into winter sunshine.

It was about noon then, and we are now safely tied up, as planned, in the pretty village of Alrewas. 
Even the chip shop is guarded by hand knitted polar bears placed on the pavement bollards. At first glance, we thought some toddler had lost their hat, but their quantity reminded us that this is the village with a radical group of knitters (the knitwits).

The reason for our early departure is that there are 45mph winds,with up to 60mph gusts forecast for Friday and we thought it best to miss out boating that day.

Instead we will spend the day in Alrewas, strapped to our Christmas tree to prevent it blowing away. Captain thought we needed to put wax in our ears too, but I think that's a slightly different story.

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