Thursday, 29 December 2016

Sleighing Dragons

Yesterday morning we awoke to a slightly drained canal. To cut a medium length story slightly shorter, someone had thought it a good idea to open all the paddles on Dallow Lock. Fortunately the boater parked up in front of us had noticed this at 10 o’clock the evening before – his boat partly sat on the bottom and listing a bit. He closed the paddles that night.
Shobnall Visitor Moorings
The following morning the canal was still about a foot off where it should have been, but we set off and all seemed well. At the first lock – Branston Lock – a boat was aground just at the exit of the lock. Another boat then came down and tried to flush him out. At least I think that was what was happening. Then I think the second boat got stuck, I think. We got passed him and were up and away by then, and never hit the bottom once.

I recently discussed the reduction in events like this, and the almost absence of any working “handcuff locks.” My neighbour proposed that this because the youth of today - who were, in my day, much more adventurous and happy to open gate paddles - are now sat indoors in front of their screens slaying dragons (or should that be, as it is Christmas - sleighing dragons?) Anyway he suggested that slaying dragons was much more fun. Perhaps on this occasion, the dragons had won?

The biggest problem we had, both yesterday and today, was the fog. Looking for boats coming towards us was hard work and whereas most had their tunnel lights on, we didn’t. Captain had thought it a good idea to wire the Christmas tree into the tunnel light plug/socket. Oh well!


Anonymous said...

oh so that's what it is- they're all slaying dragons? I was surprised yesterday to hear the sound of children playing. It lasted 15 mins or so, just out of sight in the woods near my house. Most unusual as children have become a rare sight and children with no adult more so. If wifi suddenly crashed everywhere would we have an outbreak of drained canal pounds do you think?

Jemma said...

I think that's it. Our biggest threat is not nuclear bombs, Brexit, or ginger haired leaders: it is what happens when the internet fails.

A world with no social media and no dragons! The consequences do not bear thinking about.