Friday, 27 January 2017

Oak Faced Ply, Spray Foam and Rockwool

I knew the title of this blog would grab you, and had you not read the content below you would have been destined to remain awake tonight in a fitful and hopeless attempt to imagine the tale that follows.

So, to begin at the beginning. Our current 5 year old boat is showing signs of water damage to some of the interior timber lining. Most of this is caused by heavy condensation. The insulation, by the way, is spray foam. Now, our previous 12 year old boat had similar levels of damage, so it had done quite well by comparison. And it had done even better when you take into acount that it had rockwool for insulation. It is generally understood that spray foam is way superior to rockwool; That’s what everyone says – but maybe they just believe what the spray foam people say? But (and in case them spray foam people are thinking of suing me) I will admit that statistically, a sample of 2 boats is maybe not significant. 

Anyway, replacing the occasional lining panel is not that difficult, especially when you have a perfect template to copy. The problem is finding a handy source of oak faced ply.

I wandered into a good number of local timber yards. I didn’t expect them to stock it, but thought they would be able to order it in. It was not to be, most of them laughed at me. When I finally found a relatively local source who actually stocked it, I was unexpectedly elated. Infact this whole experience made me realise just how sad I have become – I mean getting excited over a bit of ply?

In the event that you need any of the stuff, and/or need a similar level of excitement, then if you live anywhere near lock 70 on the Erewash Canal, then get yourself down to Ilkeston Ply and DIY. It is very close to the canal there.

However I drove there, as a 1 hour drive seemed more sensible than a fortnight on the canal. The nice man there had 9mm and 6mm and probably other thicknesses of oak faced ply. He also cut them into car sized bits for me.

Here is a snap of the new varnished panel (the one in the middle with the light switch.)

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