Thursday, 21 December 2017

Chester is a Christmas Belter

When we planned the Captain's Christmas birthday trip, it was because we had loved Chester when we brought our old boat, Princess Lucy, here a couple of years ago. But then, that visit took place in the summer and we had had a week of solid sunshine, balmy evenings drinking on the stern, shopping trips in shorts and tee shirts.

As the awful winter cruising weather and dark days kicked in, we wondered if it was a mistake to try to recapture the experience in another season. Getting here was horrible but would it be worth it?

Yes. We loved it all over again. Come rain or shine, Chester is one of the most attractive cities in Europe. It is blessed with a canal which snakes round its  ancient city walls and Cathedral on one side, and a dramatic tidal river and waterfront on the other. There are great shops in half timbered buidings, fantastic pubs and restaurants and a canal side Waitrose.  So what's not to love?

Today, after 4 nights, we reluctantly left and will be back.

We are now moored outside The Cheshire Cat having shared the 5 locks with South African boaters who left their native land and its 33C sunshine for a damp boating holiday in Cheshire.

Ahh well, at least we aren't the only ones with mad plans. 

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Unknown said...

let me know next time and I will come and visit. I can get the train to Chester from where I live. Happy New year to all of you, love, Chris xx