Saturday, 28 March 2015

Mr Jones and the vet

My last words to the vet were, "What if he changes his mind and wants to start a family?" Oh how we laughed!

Today's story is that Mr Jones (or Jonesy to his close friends) has been castrated. Not a pleasant experience (I imagine), and from Mr Jones' behavior: definitely exhausting. He looks confused, lost, sore, and unsure about food. But he will receive plenty of affection over the coming days, and I'm sure everything will soon heal up.
Wire Loop Game

Now it is usual to post photos to add value to your blog's words, but as photos of Jonesey's privates perhaps should remain private, I plan to post a video (a video itself an experiment and a first in our blog) of Princess Lucy passing through Marple gauging point. Isn't that more interesting?

Now for those not in the know this is a length of canal where the width of the canal is just a dog's testicle wider than the boat. It is a bit like that wire loop game where you try to not make the buzzer sound when your loop hits the wire (you know what I mean). Well its kind of the same except you try to not let your boat touch the sides.

Anyway here is a video of Princes Lucy rather successfully negotiating said gauging point. And it's definitely much more interesting than Jonesey's testicles - which first mate has just reported "are going black." So while I Google whether that is normal, you can watch the video.

The accompanying music is "Slow Train," a song by Flanders and Swann from 1963

Its subject is the Beeching cuts.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Great video, excellent soundtrack, clever steering while filming! Brought back lovely memories of both Marple and the small towns and villages named in the song, many of which are familiar to us.

Re Mr Jones's testicles - don't they remove them in the canine castration? Is his dazed and confused look the effects of the anaesthetic perhaps? He is probably only noticing that it hurts to lick the area currently and soon he'll realise it's slightly differently shaped than before ...

Hope he feels better soon.

Cheers, Marilyn (nb Waka Huia)

Jemma said...

Mr Jones is very much back to normal. Very happy and very lively. Regarding the testicles... yes they do remove them, but unlike farm animals they don't just lop the lot off. With dogs, the testicles are removed but they leave the sac in place, and over time it shrinks a little.

cheers, Stuart