Friday, 3 April 2015

When one bridge closes...

Tonight on the first day of our short Easter trip from Furness Vale to Macclesfield (or thereabouts), we have managed just over an hour's cruising. In the miserable very wet rain of this afternoon, that seemed long enough. And finding a spot to tie up wasn't easy either, as I believe the canal is being kept a good few inches lower than it should be.

It would have been comforting to get nearer to Marple, and past the site of the hole in the canal that has been temporarily bodged by CRT. Anyway, in the words of my old boss: We are where we are...  which is in fact tied up in sight of the broken Wood End lift bridge, which following an incident with a lorry earlier this year, is now deckless.

Mr Jones had been watching everything: Every duck, every goose, every passer by and every stick in the canal. Following the gales earlier in the week, there are plenty of sticks, not only for Mr Jones to monitor, but also for the Princess Lucy prop to chop.

The jury is still out on whether Mr Jones will become a perfect boat dog. It's a lot for him to deal with. He is mildly threatened by Canadian geese but they are bigger than him and quite mean looking because they are nesting. He's on full alert and there has been a bit of barking but we'll see.

We tied up and walked the extremely muddy tow path for 45 minutes in pouring rain. Our spirits have been lifted by lighting the stove and pizza and wine. Tomorrow leaves us a daunting! 4 hours cruising, but with the promise of no rain.

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