Tuesday, 7 April 2015

An extra spin and all dry

Yesterday morning the mist cleared to bright sunshine just in time for the arrival of family. We cruised a little way out of Macc, had lunch, spun around and then pottered back again. We said goodbye to them under Bridge 37, in the bridge-hole ... definitely an idiot proof plan if you don't intend tying up.

The sun continued and I think First Mate had a little too much, as before you could say Bollington, she was stuffing clothes in the washing machine. This was the first time we had used it for real, and we are both very pleased with how well the Candy Aquamatic performs, and how clear the instructions are. This is a pleasant change from our Bosch at home, the instructions of which are cryptic, or if you like, cr##.

We tied up for the night, in the quiet beyond Bollington, and Jonesy came off his lead properly (for the first time since his castration).

He seems very proud to be on his boat now, but it's not just us who are exhausted by boating, we have never seen Jonesy so whacked.

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oldmonsty said...

Rocky got covered in mud yesterday, one more attempt to gain 'street cred' points before July. Mr J is extremely lucky to have found you both.