Monday, 6 April 2015

New Macclesfield Vistor Moorings

There are a just a few decent spots where you can tie up in Macclesfield, a town which feels generally unwelcoming to boaters. 

So we were very excited when CRT announced there were to be 80 metres of new visitor moorings, and ready by the end if March. Surely we could squeeze on there?

Sadly not. The visitor mooring work on the canal has not even started. The moorings are there though. 
They are floating pontoon style moorings, and are bobbing about on the opposite side of the canal.

We were visited yesterday by captain's sister and her husband, and the sun shone as we cruised into Macc. We ate out at the splendid Sutton Hall, and although the plan was to get stinko, tiredness, colds, and possibly common sense, all dictated an early finish.

The bunnys survived Easter Sunday, but the clock is ticking and their decapitation looms.

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