Monday, 14 December 2015

The Fire is so Delightful...

It is the end of day 2 of this trip, and we are an hour ahead of schedule and tied up in one if our favourite spots close to the gigantic AstroZenica plant in Macclesfield. This always makes us think of James Bond. You can easily imagine some underground rocket making enterprise beneath its vast and sprawling edifice. There is the occasional sighting of a white-coated person moving from building to building. What do they make here? Who knows?
One hour ahead translates to nothing really, as our Harecastle Tunnel passage is booked for Friday morning at 8.30. So there is no gain, save an extra hour in bed... maybe.
Last night we ate at Murillo's in Marple, tonight first-mate is rustling up a mushroom risotto. It is all about settling in to the trip now and working round the precious few hours of daylight. We need to be moored up by 4 at the latest.

Jonesy's evening walk is on an unlit tow path. But we knew all this and planned to eat dinner earlier, go to bed earlier, and get up by first light. However, we are very bad at doing the sensible thing. So the likelihood is that we'll that we will fail in all of these.
The weather has been kind today (unlike yesterday) and looks reasonable for the next few days.


oldmonsty said...

Very bad at doing the sensible thing?......enjoying yourselves seems pretty sensible to me. Have lots of fun in the proper fashion, best to my mate Jonesey

Rocky(written from under the duvet)

Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Being sensible is overrated, trust me! Far better to do as Garfield says and eat dessert first given life is uncertain, walk the dog in the dark because he can see then and you don't need to, and stay in bed till 10 drinking tea and eating gingernuts - you need to source an NZ supply of these as NZ gingernuts are the best in the world. If you ask me nicely, I will bring some over for you in May next year ...
Cheers and stay as warm as possible, Marilyn