Friday, 12 August 2016

Breaking News: Woman Loses Hat

Millers Daughter at Fazeley
Today, Friday that is, marked day one of our summer trip. A glorious sunny and breezy start to our three week sojourn has been marred by a tragic loss. No sooner had we pulled out of Kings Orchard marina when a chilling cry reverberated down the Coventry Canal.

"My hat! My absolute favourite hat!" This is the second occasion that the beloved hat has flown into the cut but alas this is the last. It sunk without a trace and First Mate is grief stricken and has taken to drink.

We made it (with one hat between us) to Fazeley for fish and chips (and wine).

Tomorrow Captain will rebag and position the necessary 50kg of coal bought today. Now The Sun newspaper is forecasting 35 degrees next week and so the coal's necessity is not for warmth, but to counterbalance the list caused by the overfull wine cellar.

After 3 hours cruising, we are too weary to write more.

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