Saturday, 27 August 2016

Rainy Night in K.O

There is a whiff of melancholy about the boat tonight. It's the end of our trip and judging by the dark skies, it feels like the end of summer too.

We are back in our home marina (Kings Orchard) after a night moored quite alone in Hopwas Wood. Perhaps the fact that it's a military firing range accounts for our solitude. We set up the BBQ for dinner last night on a stretch of canal that snakes through ancient woodland. This setting with its enormous trees is reminiscent of scenes from Lord of the Rings, magical and creepy at the same time. During Jonesy's bedtime walk, under torch light, the trees seem to move on their own.

It is such a contrast to the bright lights of Birmingham's Brindley Place but that's one of the joys of being on the tiller. It has been a fabulous trip and full of surprises, not least how quiet it can be in heart of a city.

The weather has been biblical since we tied up this afternoon, and with wet coats and jeans on every radiator.

It feels like time to pack up and head home to the tumble dryer. However not before a thorough fettle of the boat and a final visit from from family.

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