Sunday, 9 April 2017

Canal Speedbumps

One of, the many, sweeping changes that will be made when my own political party comes to power concerns speedbumps.
The Peoples Party of Common Sense, will both stop filling in potholes and stop providing speedbumps. This will save the country millions. A true win win.
I was reminded of this manifesto item yesterday when first mate complained that the bedroom drawers were flying open at random. The reason for this was twofold. First, Captain had made the very stiff and badly fitted drawers run beautifully. And second he had corrected the list of the boat with 125kg of railway 'chairs.'
Perhaps like the potholes, he should have left everything just as it was.
The boat is fully stocked and decorated with plants on the bow, and today we begin a little (fortnightish) cruise.
This afternoon we plan to meet up with Chertsey. Obviously we are looking to meeting up with the crew, but the main thing is that Mr Jones will catch up with their greyhound Ricky (nee Rocky).
The picture here is from that meeting. 

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