Friday, 14 April 2017

The Star by the Lock

The Star must have been a siren call for hard grafting boat men, situated as it is,  literally on one of the prettiest locks you're likely to find. Last night we decided to take Mr Jones in for a pint and had our dinner there.  It's an interesting old pub with welcoming staff and good food. It's honest, unpretentious and the sort of pub we like.
It is thundering down and has been a rainy day off and on.  We are now holed up with the stove ticking over - coats dripping in the cratch. We can't actually move after stuffing down rather too much of a fish and chip supper.

It's a quiet night in having had visitors for lunch. Our friend Amanda and her five year old daughter Daisy came to check out our new boat. They live on the Wirral and this is nearer for them than Kings Orchard Marina near Lichfield.
We like Stone. It's a solid little town with plenty of green spaces for Jones to play ball in. The canal runs past the edge of the shops and restaurants. It has its fair share of charity shops but feels quite buoyant in comparison with Rugeley.
More exploring tomorrow and we will stay put quite happily until Monday.


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