Monday, 10 April 2017

Pizza Ahoy

Now we do love a pizza. Who doesn’t?  Lunch today was reheated pizza from Papa John’s in Lichfield and this made our fifth pizza indulgence this week. My but it was good today. It was even better last night as revenge pizza after we had stormed out of The Plough at Huddlesford. It was the second time they didn’t have our table even though we booked in person two weeks ago. They are shockingly bad at that joint and there are only so many times they can treat us with contempt.

We had a lovely afternoon lolling in the sun with Jim, Sarah, Ricky and Mr Jones followed by an equally enjoyable evening around Princess Lucy 2’s table scoffing our body weight in multiple toppings and drinking beer and wine. We can live without The Plough and, clearly, they can and will survive without us.

Today, it was much cooler and we went from tee shirts back to hats and gloves as we cruised through Fradley and up towards Handsacre. We are moored in beautiful countryside surrounded by acres of glorious yellow flowers. Trees are in blossom and willows sweep the canal. All is peaceful after a risotto dinner which has finally weaned us off the hard stuff.
No more pizza for at least 24 hours.


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