Friday, 21 July 2017

Lovely Claire

Yesterday was tricky. The rain didn't stop until almost noon. But we were ready. We set off immediately after that - at two, and were tied up, 7 locks later, in Curdworth by four thirty.

For dinner, it was The White Lion. The board outside said that "Claire welcomed all" and she did.

As we were settling down with our bottle of wine, Claire walked past.
     "What a lovely coat," she said.
     "Thanks," I said and I smiled at First Mate. A strange comment, I thought, as it was just a well used waterproof I threw on in case the weather forecasters were right, (they were not).
A little later, a waitress came by and spoke to First Mate.
     "Oh hasn't he got gorgeous eyes."
I blushed a little and uttered "You're welcome."
The same waitress returned a little later, and addressed First Mate.
     "Is it alright if I sit on the floor and play with him?" she asked.

Jonesy off lead
Now, even for me, this seemed to be getting a bit weird.

First Mate later proposed that all of the conversations with the pub staff had been about Jonesy.

Well, she is entitled to her opinion, and I am entitled to mine. And I know the truth.

The food, service and compliments were all superb. Dogs are allowed in most of the pub and Jonesy was given his own water bowl. We plan to visit again on our return.

I imagine that next time there will be a phone number scribbled on the back of my receipt.

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