Tuesday, 26 March 2013

7 hours in freezing wind

Yesterday we saw the end of the raging rivers on our trip. Today the last of the bastard broad locks.With the wind still making mischief, this time blowing 12 foot lock gates open or closed after we had struggled to achieve the opposite. It also blew little Lucy Belle about in the lock like a cork (Stenson all but finished us see below).

As we cruised into our old home town of Burton on Trent, the captain called for the icicles to be chipped off his beard. There was a faint whiff of anticipation but no brass band on the quay side. We were cheered by a visit from family and our 3rd curry in 4 days. Tomorrow will be easier. I know it will.

We are too weak with hypothermia to write much.

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Sarah said...

Fantastic work. I'd forgotten how bloody awful those wide T&M locks are.