Friday, 29 March 2013

Flipping Fender Found Fast on Fropellor

You have no idea how long we have spent shivering on the deck of Lucy Belle trying to think if some vaguely humerous and alliterative title. It will have to do.

Also, you cannot imagine our delight in entering a lock this afternoon, when a terrible shuddering of  both the propellor and rudder occured. we muddled through the lock and pulled over on the lock moorings (which caused more chaos and queues) to retrieve a yard of rope, a huge rubber fender, and a big piece of red plastic. If anyone wants these back, please contact me.

Tonight we are moored at Salt, and are just back from the Holly Bush, which was excellent. So confident in their business that they dont take bookings but then they did win pub of the year. It was heaving and we were told to get a drink and wait at the bar. It wasn't long before we were found a table and  served mushrooms with stilton and big fat chips. The captain had chicken.

Very weary now so, we barely have the strenght to demolish a giant bag of M&M s but we will try.

Earlier, Jem was riding on top, in the spell of glorious sunshine we were treated to through Rugely this morning. First mate seemed to go backwards in the steering department today and we had a couple of spectacular collisions with bridges and lock entrances. Tempers were frayed as were the fenders on Lucy Belle. Just hope they don't end up round some other boat's propellor.


Sarah said...

Take them off NOW!!!!!! Seriously, only one-click-at-time milly molly mandies go round with their fenders dangling, and you wouldn't want to be the cause of that happening to someone else... Save the best two to use when you actually need them, between you and the bank.

Anonymous said...

It is a very hard boat to steer as it is a little tender and not very positive. Sorry to hear about your 'learning' experience. It would be good to get a dedicated set of tools for such occurrences: A cheap bread knife - for sponge, cushions and padded coats, sharp kitchen knife (as above) and for rope, plastic bags(bloody farmers), a 12" hacksaw blade with a gaffer tape handle for springs and wire and smallish bolt croppers for the above. All must be cheapish as you don't want to worry about losing them in the canal. A magnet on a longish lanyard is also a boon, perhaps you will need a bigger boat!!