Thursday, 13 August 2015

Barbridge Revisited

Last night, after 5 days of Chester, we aimed for countryside. We doubled up with another boat in the five Chester locks and chatted pleasantly as they filled. We ended up somewhere near Tarporley - well, that was where the weather app tuned into.

By now it was way after 8pm and we saw the sun setting on Beeston Castle. With the inside boat temperature approaching 30C, putting the oven on to cook salmon seemed unreasonable. We suddenly remembered we had bought a folding barbeque but never expected to actually use it. In absolute peace and quiet, we cooked and ate dinner on deck. The sun dipped into the canal and the evening cooled dramatically.

Today, we both woke after 9.30, but still managed to complete another mammoth 3 hour stint. We have no idea where we are, but there are ducks and we are past Barbridge Junction (towards Middlewich). It's all vaguely familiar as we are now retracing our pathway back up towards the Macclesfield canal and to home. - eventually. 

We'll have a quiet night inside tonight. It's rainy, gloomy and feels very unlike last night's dragonfly-filled balm.

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