Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Uses for a Lifebelt (Part 2)

Back in 2013, we blogged about uses for a lifebelt. At the time we were using our lifebelt to keep glasses of wine secure. The gist of the blog was that when space is tight, which on a 45' narrowboat it certainly is, then it is helpful if items can perform multiple functions.
The latest use for the lifebelt, and we have plagiarised here - a skill the Captain has always valued - is as a bed for Jonesy. The picture shows clearly the arrangement as copied from another boat with a similar sized terrier. Jonesy just needs the confidence to use it without falling off the side.
Last night we ate at The Badger pub in Church Minshull. The food was superb, and the only problem was the stuffed badger on the mantle-piece.  It looked fiercesome, as if it was ready to bite. Another first for little Jonesy who started to growl in his most threatening voice. 'Back off Badge,' he said.
Conflict management was required and to resolve the issue, Captain held him up so he could see it was dead and not a threat. After much sniffing of the coat which moved like the real coat it actually was, Jonesy was unsure, but offered Mr Badger a tentative kiss. Unrecipricated, Jonesy slunk back under the table. The walk back through a wild wood got him very excited. He was hoping to meet the live version, but to no avail.
All in all, the crew had a lovely evening, ending in drinking wine and watching episode 5 of The Affair, set in the glorious Hamptons. It stars Dominic West and Ruth Wilson, Brits who have to affect American accents. Their numerous illicit encounters involve a blatant disregard for matters of personal hygiene. This is mildly irritating as is Wilson's pouting which is reminscent of a carp taking its final gasp.

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