Monday, 17 August 2015

Night Manoeuvres and a Sun Streaked Wheelock

It's been good to have a busy and sociable few days as we begin to make our way back home. As usual we are taking our time with stopovers at Middlewich and Wheelock to meet friends. We moored next to a busy road in Middlewich. However, this had the dual advantage of being away from the chaos of the hire boats, many for the first time negotiating a difficult junction and locks

Rod and Sue, our neighbours were kind enough to bring post and essential supplies like Bellini and truffles. Much appreciated. After cocktails, we dined at The Kings Lock pub. Rated highly on Trip Advisor and rated even more highly by us. It has a small menu but everything tasted fantastic. Captain sat staring out of the window at the lock, wondering if that day's (and his first) dropped windlass might jump back out of the lock. It didn't.

Following some reckless night boating by the Captain and Rod, we were later able to move the boat and reverse into our assigned drop off point for the next morning's Ocado delivery (Kings Lock Chippy).

The next day we got to Wheelock and enjoyed a day sitting round in the sunshine with old friends David and Elaine who came to find us for lunch. They brought us some impressive home grown vegetables and tomatoes. So we will avoid scurvy after all. Man cannot live on chocolate alone.

Jonesy got the chance to run and play with Roly and he really enjoyed that too. Roly is such a character and puts Jones, the whippersnapper, in his place. It's funny to see Jones meet his match. He might out run him but he is never going to outsmart Roly.

The sun is beginning to dip behind the trees. It's a gorgeous evening and time for a stroll to the locks and then a snifter before dinner.

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