Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Leaving of Chester

On Friday evening we arrived in Chester and have been here for 5 nights, staying longer than planned. It hit us that this is part of the dual privilege of owning our our boat and the luxury of a month long trip with flexibility. 

We have had visits from family and friends and the weather has been hot and sunny. Amanda popped over for dinner from the Wirral on Saturday and we happened to be moored outsid her favourite pizza restaurant. Dawn and Craig came and stayed over in the nearby Premier Inn. We did plan to leave on Tuesday, but as we have a relatively easy run to Middlewich, where we need to be on Saturday, we stayed an extra day.

A another first (for us), whilst in Chester, has been a grocery delivery from Ocado. Although we are surrounded by supermarkets, first-mate decided she needed some bed linen only available from Ocado. We picked the nearest business (on Steam Mill Street) and put notes on the order explaining exactly where we were. It worked like a dream. Now, brimming with confidence, we are to go for attempt two next weekend in Middlewich. If it all goes wrong, Kings Lock Chippy will get our delivery.

The other night we bumped into fellow bloggers "AmyJo", who were tied up a couple of hundred yards behind us. They are about to tackle the Manchester Ship Canal, so we chatted about that, and paint, and other boaty things.

By comparison we are realitively inexperienced at going places other than our usual route. We have loved being in a beautiful city like Chester and just ambling into the shops. We had a gorgeous walk round the city walls. We actually feel like tourists - but ones with our own hotel. 

We really do have to go today. Jones' opportunities for scavenging street food are over for the time being but we'll be back.

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